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Our Products & Services



  • Tilt in space/comfort chairs
  • High rehab chairs
  • Excellent pressure relieving seating
  • Light weight/Active user chairs
  • Basic transit/self propelling chairs


  • Compact for easy use around the home
  • Dual control/attendant only
  • Tilt in space/Hi Lo options
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Outdoor/Indoor
  • Wide choice of colours and styles
  • Made to measure to fit you
  • Standing chairs


  • Wide range of seat and back supports
  • Low to very high risk pressure cushions
  • Car Seats
  • Full advice and fitting service
  • Chairs compatible with seating system

N.B. We can also supply beds, riser/recliners and more!



There are many who need vital equipment, but unfortunately do not have the funds to purchase it.  Many charities have been set up to help fund specific age groups, conditions and needs. At Emerald we can facilitate charity funding for you.  What ever your age, needs and equipment there are many charities that will help.  At Emerald we can take the stress of the process away.  We have access to over 2000 charities, and we can help you to find the ones that match your needs and guide you through the application process. Please contact us for more information.