Space Projector with a lava lamp wheel
This range of Space Projectors comes with a choice of one lava lamp wheel included in the colour combination of your choice; there are currently 7 to choose from.The unique formulation ensures a brilliant constantly changing lava projectrion of up to 13ft / 4m.

Extra Effects

There is a large range of other effects including lava lamp wheels available to buy separately. They work in any Space Projector


Also available space projector with graphic wheels

How does Space Projector work?

Load a wheel into the side of the Space Projector. Use the translucent focus ring at the front of the projector to bring the image on the wall or ceiling into crisp focus. The wheel turns within the projector creating a continuously turning and changing image. If you have a coloured or graphic slide add one of these into the slide carrier to change the effect. The darker the room the bigger and brighter the projection will be. Projections up to 4m / 13ft are possible in a darkened room.


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