About me

Having previously worked for a national  wheelchair supply company, I set up Emerald Mobility in October 2009.

I believe that everyone should have the equipment and wheelchairs that they need whatever their age. I have personal experience of disability within my family, including my stepson Matthew who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  As well as undertaking training in assessment for, and use of, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, I have a particular interest in Duchenne and regularly attend conferences run by the major muscular dystrophy charities. I understand the stress and pain that disability can bring.

I am also involved in campaigning for better treatment for the disabled, including people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Why should we have to fight to give our loved ones the life that they need and deserve? I have experience of sourcing charity funding for mobility equipment and will search on your behalf, or you may decide on private or NHS funding.

If I can give someone independence and an improved quality of life, that makes my day and that is why I set up Emerald.

The importance of the correct wheelchair and seating

A wheelchair should promote independence whilst giving you an excellent standard of comfort and support.

Many think that disability means that they stop doing the things that they love.  Whatever the activity or lifestyle there is a wheelchair to suit your needs.  At Emerald we believe that standards of care are vital.  Everyone should have the wheelchair that they need with the correct seating providing support and comfort.

Unfortunately there are many who are seated incorrectly.  Unsuitable wheelchairs with poor, worn out cushions and missing legrests are all too common.  Many do not realise that this will cause many problems with their health.  Pressure sores,  if  left untreated, have devastating effects.   If you are a wheelehair-user, the correct chair is essential for your well-being.

At Emerald we assess our customers to ensure that they have the seating and wheelchair that they need.  Most of our chairs are adjustable and can be adapted to your needs.  Our chairs can also be customized to suit your personality with the additon of transfers, speakers and lighting systems,

Wheelchairs are there to ensure your continued independence and comfort. Many people we meet comment on the things they can no longer do, due to their health and moblity restrictions.Whatever you enjoy doing, the right chair can help you do it -a stroll along the beach, a day out with your friends and family, shopping, going to work, or simply hanging out at your local club or cafe.


  • I can advise you concerning any statutory or charitable assistance available.
  • I attend regular training courses to continuously update my knowledge.
  • I work alongside therapists, families and schools.
  • Our engineers are highly skilled in servicing products and special builds.
  • Excellent after sales support.
  • Step by step communication.
  • We listen.
  • We have experience with a diverse client group covering all ages

Wheelchair and Seating Assessment

We do not charge for assessments, and their is no obligation to buy.

An assessment will usually take about an hour and a half,  depending on what you are looking for and your needs, and can be carried out wherever you choose, whether it is at home, school, residential home or hospital; we want you to be relaxed.  During the assessment we will discuss what you would like, what your needs are and how we can improve your quality of life.  We cannot cure your condition,  but we can improve your seating and postural needs and help you maintain independence.

We would need to take measurements to ensure that a wheelchair is customised to your size and shape.  Wrongly sized chairs can cause postural problems.  Everyone is individual and comfort is a must.

An asssessment is about you, your needs, your comfort, your independence, and your wishes.

After your assessment, we will contact you with a quote for a chair that is suitable for you and your needs.  If you are happy with this then we would order the chair.  We require payment when ordering.  Once ordered it can take about 4-6 weeks for your chair to arrive.  This can vary depending on chair, adaptions required and manufacturer.

Your chair will be delivered to you, fully charged and inspected by us.

If you have any questions or you would like to book an assessment please contact me.